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November 15: Last day of the season!

December 7: Yuletide

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The last day of our regular 2019 season will be on Friday, November 15th. Thank you for your visit this season! We will be open for one last special event of the year on December 7th.


The festive season is upon us, and we are celebrating once again this year with Yuletide! Join us for sleigh rides, a winter artisan market, live holiday performances, and crafts/games.

When: Saturday, December 7 (2:00-5:00pm)

Cost: Admission by donation!


Witchcraft Explored

May 12 – November 15, 2019

The idea of “witchcraft” as we know it today, was largely understood to be practiced in North America during Colonization. This pop-up exhibition navigates the definition of witchcraft and its history in the Americas during the 18th century in Canada and beyond. Some material might be sensitive to younger audiences. The exhibition is housed upstairs in the Barn.

La sorcellerie telle que nous la connaissons aujourd’hui était largement comprise comme pratiquée en Amérique du Nord pendant la colonisation. Cette exposition éphémère navigue dans la définition de la sorcellerie et de son histoire dans les Amériques au XVIIIe siècle.

Keepsakes of Conflict: Trench Art and Other Canadian War-Related Craft

September 15 – November 15 2019

Trench art is defined as any item made by soldiers, prisoners of war and civilians, war material, as long as it and they are associated with armed conflict or its consequences. This exhibition interprets the human aspect of war, and how conflict affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically. The exhibition is loaned from the Moosejaw Museum and Art Gallery in Saskatchewan.

L'art des tranchées est défini comme tout objet fabriqué par des soldats, des prisonniers de guerre et des civils, du matériel de guerre, pourvu qu'il soit associé au conflit armé ou à ses conséquences. Cette exposition interprète l’aspect humain de la guerre et explique comment les conflits nous affectent mentalement, émotionnellement et physiquement. L'exposition est prêtée par le Moosejaw Museum and Art Gallery en Saskatchewan.