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The following videos are 100% FREE to watch, with thanks to Safe at Home Manitoba. 

Behind the Barriers - Upstairs in the Case House

Video Available: February 6, 2021
Sneak past the roped off areas of the 1922 Case House, and explore rooms that have rarely been seen from the comfort of your own home! Featuring the Case House sun room (Halloween storage), three staged bedrooms, Christmas storage room, and the mysterious attic.

History DIY - Metis Beadwork

Video Available: February 10, 2021
Follow along at home as we walkthrough how to create your own beautiful beaded design on felt. We will also highlight the cultural traditions of Metis beadwork, floral motifs and symbolism, and the theraputic aspects of beading. Recommended craft for ages 8+

Virtual Field Trip - Van Horne Rail Car

Video Available: February 13, 2021
The Van Horne Rail Car showcases the history of the making of the Trans Canada Railway in the late 1800s. Who was Van Horne? And was the construction of the TCR really good for all Canadians? Follow us through the railcar as we dispell the myths of Van Horne and the making of "Canada's Greatest Railway"

History Highlight - Traditional Snowshoes

Video Available: February 17, 2021
Dive deep into the Trapper's Cabin at the Fort la Reine Museum as we look at traditional snowshoes, how they were built, and the importance of these accessories as necessary tools for surviving the Canadian wilderness throughout history.

Behind the Barriers - Costume Rooms

Video Available: February 20, 2021
Have you ever wondered where all of our staff and volunteers keep their historic costumes when they aren't delivering guided tours? Follow along with us as we show you the many costume rooms at the Museum, and showcase some of our favourite pieces!

History DIY - 1930s Cutout Dolls

Video Available: February 24, 2021
Move over Barbie! Follow along with us as we talk about the history of cutout dolls, and make your own at home. We will be featuring some cutout dolls in our collection, and will read a storybook that uses the dolls in its illustrations. Recommended craft for ages 5+

Virtual Field Trip - Pioneering the Paul House

Video Available: February 27, 2021
Travel back in time to 1879, as we walk you through the Paul House at the Fort la Reine Museum. Along the way, we will go over what life would have looked like for a pioneer family in the late 19th Century on the Canadian Prairies, and highlight some interesting artefacts inside the heritage building.

History Highlight - Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope

Video Available: March 3, 2021
Perhaps one of the most curious artefacts at the Fort la Reine Museum, the Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope never fails to amaze visitors. Join us as we talk about this strange item, its history, and why we don't use them anymore (for good reason!)

Behind the Barriers - Victorian Doll Room

Video Available: March 6, 2021
Not many eyes have peered into this space. Even the staff at the Museum usually refuse to enter this peculiar room inside the 1890 Hourie House... Care to be creeped out? Join us as we sneak past the "Do Not Enter" sign and speak more about museum collections management (and yes, look at old dolls).

History DIY - Loom Weaving

Video Available: March 10, 2021
Loom weaving is not just a hobby craft. For thousands of years the technique of weaving thread to make cloth has been paramount in keep us warm and allowing us to keep up with the latest fashions. Join us as we discuss this history further, and try your hand at loom weaving at home!

Virtual Field Trip - West Prospect School House

Video Available: March 13, 2021
One room school houses were very common throughout Manitoba in the late 19th Century. Join us as we take you through the West Prospect School House, and discuss what life would have been like for a rural student and teacher.

History Highlight - Barbers' Chair

Video Available: March 17 , 2021
No that is not a torture device. Although, it might look that way if you were getting a razor-bladed shave while sitting in it. Join us as we examine the 1920s barbers' chair and perm machine inside the General Store.

Indigenous Perspectives Project

The Fort la Reine Museum is undertaking the initiative to present regional Indigenous histories and worldviews through the Indigenous Perspectives Project. We will incorporate first hand Indigenous perspectives into the Museum experience through digital media, cultural materials and artefacts, guided tours, impactful imagery, and interpretive materials. Other facets of the project include:

  • The repatriation of Indigenous cultural materials at the Museum.
  • Reintegration of Indigenous histories that were previously silenced or ignored. These histories shall be collected from indigenous authors and scholars, oral history interviews and testimonials from local indigenous community members, and academically recognized sources.
  • Establishing this as an off-season long-term project to continually give voice to Indigenous peoples in our community. 
  • Being flexible with the content that we collect from Indigenous sources – our project may change to make sure that we are being ethical, appropriate, and respectful while encompassing the entirety of our research and testimonials. 
  • Being mindful as to not victimize Indigenous peoples through a Settler lens, while still recognizing the dark parts of history. 
  • Exhibition materials shall be edited and approved by local Indigenous representatives to insure ethical and factual standards are met.

As part of this larger initiative, we are creating a Indigenous Histories Timeline, and we need your help! Are you Indigenous, local, and have historic knowledge of your community? Please read through the Draft Timeline and submit your thoughts and edits to be considered for publication. 

Indigenous History Timeline – Draft

Indigenous Perspectives Project (Outline)