Programming & Events

Corn Maze *NEW*

We are excited to announce a special new activity at the Museum: our very first corn maze! The maze opens on August 14th, and is available every day during daylight hours until October 25th. Thank you to Kevin Yuill for your generous supply of corn seed.


  • Is there an entry fee? There is not a set entry fee, but there is a donation box at the entrance archway. Your support allows us to offer the corn maze next year! Corn maze entrance is included with Museum admission (no extra donation required)
  • Do I need to make an appointment to go into the maze? No. But we do ask that you practice social distancing while inside the maze. To avoid busy times, we recommend visiting during the week or early in the morning.
  • When is the corn maze open? The corn maze is available August 14th to October 25th. It is open during daylight hours, 7 days a week.
  • When is the rest of the Museum open? Summer hours are 7 days a week (10am-5pm), Autumn hours are Fri-Sun (11am-3pm)
  • Can I visit the Museum and still enjoy the corn maze? Yes, but only when the Museum itself is open. If you just want to visit the corn maze, you may skip the museum visitor centre entrance and park by the corn maze (signs will direct you).


Community Mural Wall Project

This Summer, we launched our Community Mural Wall inside the Allis Chalmers Building to celebrate the life of the late Gilbert Vust. In the Winter, we gave out 600 6″x6″ MDF tiles to our local community to paint agricultural scenes to be made into a collective mosaic. The initial deadline to return the tiles was June 30, 2020. Due to Covid-19 and the closure of schools, we have extended the deadline to November 30, 2020, so that students can still participate!

Fright at the Museum Update

Due to rising case numbers and the consideration of public safety in the coming weeks, it is with great sadness that we announce that we will not be hosting Fright at the Museum this season. Typically, our Halloween event is planned months ahead, brings in over 700 visitors, and is facilitated by 50+ dedicated volunteers. It is our responsibility to keep our staff, volunteers, and visiting community safe during this uncertain time. We are deeply disappointed, but we look forward to next year’s spooky festivities.

Yuletide Lights

The snow outside has us excited for our upcoming Yuletide Lights event! Instead of hosting a one day holiday program this year, we decided to offer a socially distanced self-guided walking experience to celebrate the festive season. Walk through the museum grounds and see the heritage buildings beautifully decorated for the holidays like never before. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does it work? Museum staff members have created a one-way traffic pathway through the Museum grounds (mostly outdoors), and decorated the heritage buildings with holiday lights for viewers to enjoy. Visitors will park in the main parking lot at the Museum, enter the Visitor Centre, and make their way along the marked pathway until they reach the exit. Visitors may not double back, pass walkers in front of them, or go outside of the pathway to make sure that everyone is practicing social distancing. 
  • Is there an entry fee? Admission is by monetary donation, and includes and admission onto the grounds and a hot festive beverage for your walk.
  • How long is the walk, and is it wheelchair accessible? Depending on the person, the entire walk may take 15-30 minutes. Unfortunately the pathway is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Can I bring my dog? For heritage preservation purposes and for the comfort of all visitors, dogs are not permitted on Museum grounds.
  • Will washrooms be available? No. Due to the amount of visitors expected and sanitation/safety requirements, washrooms will not be available.
  • What Covid-19 safety measures will be in place? The Museum may only have 100 visitors inside the grounds at any given time. There is only one pathway visitors may take, and it is one-way only. Visitors are required to social distance and be respectful of others. Washrooms will be closed, and most doors will be open (or automatic) to limit touchable surfaces.